How To Be Physically Fit

Physical fitness plays a significant role in a person’s health. Those who are physically fit are often healthier and look better than those who aren’t. It also comes as no surprise that they don’t get sick as much.

The question is, how does one define physical fitness and what makes a person physically fit? According to experts, a person who is physically fit has the right Body Mass Index (BMI). Doctors will agree with this but they will likely add more to the definition. If a person passes a full medical examination with flying colors, doctors will consider him as physically fit.

There are lots of definitions. A pilot, for example, has to go through a lot of tests before he can fly. This means that the definition of physical fitness in this field is different and understandably so. The human body is adapted to the conditions here on the ground. When conditions change, the body can fail. When flying, pilots are subjected to various forces hence it comes as no surprise that military organizations and commercial airlines pay close attention to their pilots’ health.

How does one maintain physical and mental fitness? Experts say that regular exercise is not only good for the body but also benefits the mind. For people who would like to be healthier, exercising every day is a good idea.

Dieticians, on the other hand, say that aside from exercise, a person should also avoid junk food and recommend a healthy diet.

While it is easy to enumerate ways on how to be healthier, it is easier said than done. If you would like to be fit, you will have to ensure that you have the discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Modern humans often have difficulty in this area. There are many reasons why this is so. For one, most are busy with their jobs that it is hard to find time to exercise. Another issue is food. Most can’t prepare their own food anymore and usually just grab fast food after a long day at work. Although take out is convenient, experts advise that eating take out should be minimized. Eating fast food will take its toll later on and can even cause various diseases.

If you are thinking of changing your lifestyle into a healthier one, it is best to start with something you can commit to. For example, you can eat fruits in the morning instead of your usual greasy fare. You can also switch to wheat bread instead of sticking to white bread. The list can go on.

For your exercise, you can start by walking to work every day if that is possible or you can go out for a job once or twice a week. The bottom line is, it’s all on you and it’s your decision on whether you should exercise and eat healthy or stick to what you’ve been accustomed to.